Monday, October 30, 2017



Pomegranates !
They stand for Abundance, Fruitfulness
and Prosperity.


Around my house, these sweet little gems
are fought over ! Yum.
Literally hidden away in the refrigerator with our
respective names on the dish !

They have become my inspiration for my 
latest Punch Needle design.

Variegated Valdani Perle Cotton Thread - Pomegranate shades

Variegated Valdani Perle Cotton #8
has just the right shading and all of the colors 
you could ever want !

Punch Needle Pomegranate design by Rose Clay at

Perfect rich 'Pomegranate' colors !

Punch Needle Pomegranate design by Rose Clay at

I'm in love with this selection of caramel browns
from Valdani...

Punch Needle Pomegranate design by Rose Clay at

beautiful rich shades for pine cones.

~  ~  ~

It's a cold and very windy day here,
just right for a mid morning hearty breakfast...

Avocado over toast with Poached Eggs.  Yum !

Avocado over toast with poached eggs !
Can you say amazing ;)
I'm ready for whatever the day throws at me.

Enjoy your day...


  1. Yummy breakfast. I love breakfast it is my favorite meal of the day. I love your colors. Our Pomegranates are almost ripe. I watch them every day. I love that picture of yours. They are wonderful. Have a great week Rose.

  2. Oh my lunch is right here, going to the kitchen when I'm done.
    Love Pom juice and to decorate with them.

  3. Rose...this is my favorite breakfast, but I was tired this Monday morning and settled for a cup of tea. Your pic was more than I could take...I just had this yumminess for lunch! Your colors are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful rich colors. I never tried poms because I thought they were somewhat bitter which this sweet fiend cannot handle.

  5. Wow! The color in that pomegranate just screams healthy! You know...I've never tried a pomegranate? It just might be time to find out what I've been missing! ;-) And that breakfast!!! So much nutritional goodness...and so tasty too!


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