Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rustic Wool Moire Thread And Spring Dinner...

Punching with Rustic Wool Moire Thread by Rose Clay at

Rustic Wool Moire Threads
Perfect to punch a wooly Lamb.
I used a medium needle with this wool thread.  
I could have used a small needle for one
of the spools, but the other spool had more
slubs (small bits of fiber texture),
 and the thread flowed smoother with a medium needle.

I plan to punch the remaining design with 
Valdani Perle Cotton and then add
some hand embroidery.


I have a small collection of Orchids 
on my kitchen windowsill....


They make me smile every morning...


Very easy to care for...
Literally 3 ice cubes each week.


These blooms will last easily 
for 2 months, or more.

Mini Cheese Ravioli with Sugar Peas and chopped Tomatoes in a light Lemon Butter Sauce.

Some kind of delicious dinner !!
I made mini cheese ravioli
with fresh sugar peas and chopped tomatoes,
in a light lemon butter sauce.
 I love meals that come together quickly
and this one is extremely fast and full of great flavors.

Enjoy your day, my friends...


  1. your dinner sounds wonderful! Love the orchids so beautiful. I have some of that thread I haven't done anything with I will give it a try

  2. That thread is wonderful. My DIL brought me an orchid for Easter, I am so glad you said what you did about the ice cubes. I haven't wanted to kill it.
    Your dinner looks yummy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Your orchids are beautiful! That is one plant I have never owned.

  4. Love the Rustic Moire threads. Never had an orchid but yours are lovely and you are also making me hungry.
    Have a great week, Barb

  5. Oh, I never thought to try the wool thread to punch! I'll have to try this. Your orchids are just beautiful and I love the idea of ice cubes to water them - that's neat!


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