October 26, 2012

Repurposed Wool Series Part 3: How To "Full" Or Felt Wool...

We have now reviewed

We will now "Full" or Felt wool...

I always felt the Wool Fabric before I begin working with it.  The correct term is "Fulled", however it has become acceptable to call Wool Fabric "Felted"
and/or "Fulled" interchangeably.

When Wool Fabric is Felted it "tightens" to prevent or limit fraying. 
Not all wool behaves the same, it depends on it's weave.

To Felt your repurposed wool fabric...
Wash your wool with "like colors" together.
Some colors have a greater tendency to "bleed" (ie; reds).
  When in doubt, I will wash colors separately.

Wash in cold or hot water with a small amount of liquid detergent.  Powder detergent can leave a light colored residue or specks on darker wool.
Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.
Some of the new machines, (front loading), may not have as much agitation and the wool may need to be washed twice.

Dry in hot dryer with 1 or 2 old, clean pairs of jeans or smooth fabric pants. 
Do not use towels, due to the wool "picking up" lint. 
The jeans will keep the wool from compacting and help to keep it fluffy.

*IMPORTANT* - clean lint filter often, as it can fill up quickly !

When removing from dryer,
cut away any loose strings / threads.

Fold and stack for use.

You now have some fairly inexpensive, repurposed, beautiful felted wool, ready to be used in your projects !

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  1. thanks for the information. I just recycled a couple skirts and pants.

  2. Hi Diane...
    Glad to know you are enjoying this Series.
    Thanks for stopping by !

  3. That was so easy! Thanks for the lesson!

  4. Your welcome Regan.
    Now you know what to do with those "gifted" woolens !
    Thanks for following along with this Series. ;)

  5. What a great tutorial, especially the bleach test, which I did not know. I have a bin of garments to full and will attack them with gusto! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  6. I found you via Pinterest! So glad I did. :) I am curious about the possibility of fulling the fabrics before cutting the garments up, It seems it would avoid all those strings coming off. However there must be a disadvantage or you would be doing it.

    1. Hi Natalia...
      I prefer to cut the garment before felting, because often I can simple remove a seam or hem more easily and therefore obtain a few more inches of wool. I have, at times, found gorgeous wool skirts and I want every ounce of usable wool I can get !

  7. I have a good collection of wool fabrics of all weights and I'm looking to prepare it for rug hooking. If fulling preferable when using it for rug hooking?