Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wool Feather Trees...

Wool Feather Trees -

I am having so much fun making 
these Wool Feather Trees...
These are a little over a foot tall.

The wool is 'Sweet Pea' and 
'French Vanilla Herringbone', both wools 
are from The Wool Studio.

I am loving the White Tree...
what do you think - do you have a favorite ?

Wool Feather Trees -

The directions are from Donna Bayliss.
She has done a fabulous job with all the details
to make these Feather Trees.
The directions include pictures with clear
step by step instructions to make
five different sizes of trees.
From 8 inches tall all the way up to 36 inches tall !

If you would like to make your own 
Wool Feather Tree, Donna sells the directions

Donna is a very talented Fiber Artist and Designer.
For more inspiration, you can also visit her Blog.

Stay warm and creative ;)


  1. Great trees! What a fabulous idea. On my way to the site.

  2. Rose,
    I love your trees. A friend sent me directions and everything to make a tree except for the wool years ago and I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't made one. My bad :(
    Hugs :)

  3. Well aren't those just too cute. They are so neat Rose. I think I like the green one but the white one is pretty too.

  4. Oh my ROSE!
    I favor the green as I love darker colors.
    But both are super cool.
    Woolie Christmas Hugs

  5. LOVE these! I like both but favor the white one as you do. I won't have time this year to make one but am going to purchase the instructions now to have on hand. I'll have a Christmas in July tree making event next year! Best, Ann in NC

  6. Aren't these trees great !!!! I took a class , the teacher used Donna's patterns, I just Love the the white trees !!! They are so cute !!!!

  7. I like the green one better, cause it's more prim. :)

  8. Thank you for posting this! Really like the green one!

  9. These are so pretty Rose - I made one a couple years ago, but the branches have become all wobbly & droopy - I really should take it apart & reassemble it so I can enjoy it properly! Love the beaded edge on your penny rug tree skirt - CUTE!

  10. These trees are so clever! You have done a beautiful job and this is something you can enjoy from year to year and pass down to others

  11. Did you make the base for the feather trees?

  12. Hi Rose - what beautiful trees!
    I would love to make them myself so I bookmarked the link THANK YOU.
    I don't have a favorite as they both just jumped right out at me - I'd need one of each color to be happy LOL.

  13. P.S. I meant to tell you that I read on through several of your posts and love all the designs you posted - especially the bird and blanket!

  14. Oh, how fabulous are these! Rose, your work is lovely!!!! I am suddenly very taken back by the textile art around me. I have been observing it with much appreciate for a while now here in blogland, but just today I am particularly inspired by a few artists and YOU are one of them. Thank you for your visit and kind words and also for the inspiration. Much happiness to you in 2015! Anita

  15. Hi Rose - I just ordered the pattern...glad I did and now I can't wait to make it...or 'them' lol


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