Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Day At A Glance...

Just outside the front door...
Gorgeous variegated crocus.
(Can't help but smile every time I see them.)

Wool Applique Charm Packs from

Colors and textures lined up,
ready to be placed in 
little bites of color in the 
perfect size for wool applique, penny rugs 
and small sewing projects.
(A great way to get a lot of variety, 
without having to buy a lot of any one fabric !)

Wool Applique Charm Packs from

Wool Applique Charm Packs

Wool Applique Charm Packs from

And, this arrived today...
my very first order from Spoonflower !

Fabric from Lori at Notforgotten Farm

Is this not soooo beautiful...
from the very talented hands of

Fabric from Lori at Notforgotten Farm
'Small House' fabric

Rustic, simple and amazing,
all at the same time !
I have plans for this pretty fabric,
and I won't be wasting an inch of it !
To view other designs from Lori
or to order fabric,
click HERE.
('Sampler Happy' is another favorite.)

I'll end with this final sighting ...
I love moss !  We have it growing everywhere
around our gardens.  Some of our gardens are 
edged in brick.  The moss loves growing over
this brick.  Do you see all the little 
slender 'blooms' that are forming ?

Only a few days until Spring !
Enjoy your week.



  1. Your crocus and moss pictures are great!
    Such beautiful wools.
    Hugs :)

  2. Good Morning Rose, your Crocus is beautiful. The deer enjoyed mine. However, on the moss front I am doing well. I live in the woods so moss is clinging to just about anything! That said, your woolen charms are a perfect idea. Many times we only need small amounts of fabric for our projects. I did a bit of wool applique a few years ago and need to sort my stash to see what I need. Have a lovely early Spring day, it seems that we are going to chill off a bit here on the Western front over the week-end but that's OK as long as I don't have to shovel anything!!

  3. You certainly captured an excellent photo of the crocus. I also love moss and it is growing everywhere here too, and yes, on the brick here. The robins have played havoc with some in the yard and they go thru pecking for their worms.

  4. Beautiful pics, Rose. I love moss and am always looking for the green kind on our adventures...we have plenty of the grey sort that hangs from trees down here. I've made a pathetic start on my "Sparrow" stitch. I have too many irons in the fire to give it it's due.
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. The crocus would be a Beautiful pn design. Love moss also. Always digging some and bringing to flower garden

    I've been drooling over Lori's Sampler and sewing fabric and then the houses came out. I'll never decide what I want. I like too many things.

  6. Wonderful Spoonflower fabric - I sure hope you have some printed with YOUR designs on it!!!!!

  7. Crocuses are one of my favourite flowers, I love those ones you photographed, such a sure sign of Spring, I saw my first blooms back in mid January!

    Loss of moss in my area, loves the west coast rainforest I live in! Have a great quilting weekend!


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