The Humble Wool Hutch and Rug Hooking...

Wool Hutch - Applique Wool -

My humble wool hutch...
My 'go to' for wool,
 for applique

Applique Wool -

I like to have everything 'in sight' so I can choose
colors and textures that might work with my project.

As the 'storehouse' of wool increases,
I have been known to 'take over' furniture,
to house my stash of wool !

Wool Fabric -

At the moment...
I am in love with these shades !
(I cannot get enough of the Candy Apple Stripe !)

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at
Rug Hooking

Working on the border around my lamb.

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at

I decided on placing a few honeycomb red circles
around the edge...I marked their placement 
with a red 'x', so I don't forget.

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at

Anytime I need to make a correction to my drawn
pattern, I use a red sharpie...if I need to make 
further corrections, I will use another color sharpie,
which usually is purple.  This helps me to know
which correction / line I should follow to hook.
(Sometimes, my rug can look like a rainbow,
til I'm finished with all of the changes !)

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at

To give my rug hooking background some movement,
I will hook swirly lines first and then follow them 
to fill in the background.  In this design, I hooked
the swirly lines using a different wool,
 in a subtle shade difference,
to make it stand out.

~  ~  ~  ~
And those who were seen dancing
were thought to be insane by those
who could not hear the music.
~Friedrich Nietzsche
~  ~  ~  ~ 

We are heading into gorgous warm weather...
Oh Happy Day...


  1. You whispered sweet nothings in my ear when you mentioned honeycomb wool and subtle color changes for movement in the background. But you're a big tease and am excited about seeing the whole rug. Have a great Thursday. Saundra

  2. OH, forgot to say that your 'humble hutch' is beautiful and so well organized.

  3. I love to see your wool and the places you store it. I also like how you use different colors of markers. That is brilliant!! Your hooking like everything you do is perfect. I enjoy seeing your hooking and your colors. You are just amazing Rose. :)Very motivating to me.

  4. LOve all your wool and you are so organized! I try to be, but as soon as I start a project...organization goes out the window. You have some really lovely pieces of furniture to store every thing in. Love your hooked rug...the colors are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful work very inspiring.I love your wool stash is to drooooool over yummy stash .I'm a fabricaholic. Down in Florida people don't wear wool so if I find pieces at thrift stores cheap I grab them .I have found white wool blazers to grab n can dye the colors I want.