Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Addicted To Wool Pennies...

How To Cut Wool Pennies at Three Sheep Studio

Wool Pennies...
completely addicting !

How To Cut Wool Pennies at Three Sheep Studio

Once I start cutting, 
I just cannot stop...

How To Cut Wool Pennies at Three Sheep Studio

I've mentioned before, the method I use for cutting 
wool pennies, but in case you missed it...
Go to Wool Pennies,
to learn how I cut pennies quickly.
(quickly, being the key word !)

How To Cut Wool Pennies at Three Sheep Studio

Once I start cutting, I will usually cut until 
I cannot cut anymore and then I will store 
the wool pennies in bags according to sizes.
Then when I need them, I don't have to cut...
I just pull out what I need for a project.

How To Cut Wool Pennies at Three Sheep Studio

I like all kinds...
brights, black and white, neutrals, primitive...
(Houndstooth makes me swoon !).

How To Cut Wool Pennies at Three Sheep Studio

I always cut my wool pennies by hand,
they may not be perfect,
but that just adds to their charm !

How To Cut Wool Pennies at Three Sheep Studio

Textures and solids mixed on 
a beautiful honeycomb wool.

I am working on some Cupboard Tucks
and Pincushions.

~  ~  ~  ~


I just planted this beautiful "Mothers Day"
gift in my garden.  I love Hydrangeas, but 
they don't always love me back !
If anyone has any tips for growing them,
I would love to hear !!

Have a beautiful day ...


  1. I love your pennies. I understand and I love your addiction. There is just something about that wool that I love. I really like your pennies and the hounds tooth.

    Well, I will tell you what I have learned with Hydrangeas. Partial shade with filtered sun. Don't every trim them if you can help it. They really need that old wood to grow flowers for the next year. They really are pretty sturdy. It has taken me 20 years to learn. Mine are so huge now. That is pretty much all we have done except feeding them More Bloom on Sunday nights. They only sell that here at Lowes. They don't carry it at Home Depot. That seems to be the secret. Well and having me not be the gardener. Ron has the greenest thumb. :)

  2. I love pennies too.
    My Hydrangeas are all different. One plant(from nursery stock) planted 10 years ago is over 6' tall during the summer months and just as wide. It faces North and has shade til about 4 pm. I live in Oregon (lots of winter rain). Depending on the temperatures depends on how many flowers I get. Some years there are no blooms til Sept. This year with our milder than normal winter I had buds about 3" wide already and the bush is full. Right next to it is a small bush that came from the grocery store and it's pink, is never as tall or thick. Also another that I grew from a cutting that's almost as tall as the pink on (about 3') and it's only 3 years old. In the back yard (south) but shaded by many trees so it get dapples of sun all day there are 3 bushes only 3 years old. Also for the first time they are loaded with buds. They all get the same amount of water (when it doesn't rain) and fertilizer (same kind that we use on the grass). Now, each winter around Nov, they get cut back to about 2' above the ground. Only one year there were hardly any blooms in August but it was a cold winter and spring. I mostly just let Mother Nature do her thing.
    Every year I do cut a bouquet to dry. Just cut after the dew is gone, cut off all leaves put in vase half full of water and let water dry out and your flowers will dry with lots of color. I have some 5 years old that are still vivid blue. BTW-----we have clay for soil.

  3. That sounds much faster than the freezer paper method!
    I love hydrangeas and planted a new one this year. The last few winters have been hard on them, even though this last one was not very cold. Not sure why.
    Hugs :)

  4. I hate cutting pennies...I just ordered a Sizzix machine to cut mine...the untimate laziness!! My pennies never come out looking as nice as yours either! I'm going to watch your tutorial...

  5. As usual your color combinations me swoon..gorgeous.

    Love hydrangeas. they like acidic soil and we have clay. I even used coffee grounds around them and they still fizzled.

  6. Yummy color combos - and yummy textures on all your pennies. Look forward to seeing what they become!

  7. I have Annabelles (the old fashioned ones) and the deer LOVE them and trim them every year, but they come right back. Right next to them is a large Limelight and they don't touch it. Those blooms are massive! Poor soil but lots of sun. That's all I know!

  8. Replies
    1. A Cupboard Tuck is a small cherished object that you
      "tuck" into a shelf on a cupboard for display. A play on words !

  9. Thank you Rose. Love your beautiful needlework. Look forward to seeing what's new.


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