Monday, June 26, 2017

Needle Sizes...

Ultra Punch punchneedle - needle sizes

My punch needle of choice is the 
'Ultra Punch' punchneedle.
Sometimes referred to 
as the Cameo punchneedle.
(Ultra Punch purchased Cameo
many years ago.)

Ultra Punch punchneedle - needle sizes

I am often asked about needle sizes...
as in - 'How do I know which size needle
is in my punchneedle ?'

Ultra Punch punchneedle - needle sizes

I can often, just by looking, 
tell the difference between the small 
and large needle... but it's not so easy to tell
apart the small and medium needle.
(There is even an extra small needle available
but I don't have it shown.)

Ultra Punch punchneedle - needle sizes

On the 'hub' of each needle is a letter
that will tell you what size each needle is.
Small ~ Medium ~ Large

No more guessing.
A simple little tip for inquiring minds ;)

Have a beautiful day...


  1. I did not know they were marked. Thank you!
    Happy Monday :)

  2. I never noticed the marks either !

  3. My new ultra is coming in the mail this week. Can't wait to give it a try. Been using a Boye and have been happily punching with it but I am ready for that new punchneedle test drive. Hope it comes with a new car I mean punchneedle smell ☺️

  4. That is because you are the best punch needle artist in the world. :)
    I hope you are having a lovely summer.


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