Friday, August 25, 2017

The Delicate Pear...

Wool Applique Pear with Beaded Blanket Stitch edging by Rose Clay at - (Blog)

The delicate pear...
arriving at the end of summer,
they hang like jewels in the trees,
as the cooler weather approaches.

Wool Applique Pear with Beaded Blanket Stitch edging by Rose Clay at - (Blog)

On my work table, are several, (actually A LOT),
of projects that need 'finishing' for 
an upcoming show.

This slice of pear is complete, 

Hollyhocks Punch Needle with Beaded Blanket Stitch by Rose Clay at

After digging in my stash,
I was able to locate 
Czech Glass Beads size 6/0,
in nice pinkish shades to 
compliment the Hollyhocks punch needle.
This is finished into a small 'charm cushion'.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Some of the blossoms 
on my Oakleaf Hydrangea
are turning a vivid fuchsia pink.
I'm loving this flash of color, so late in the season !

We are enjoying some of the BEST weather,
here in Pennsylvania...
70's and sunny with a slight breeze.
My son has returned to school
and it's time to dig in and gather up
the threads, wool, fibers and maybe even 
a stash of Mattress ticking in warm reds...
Have a lovely and creative weekend, friends...


  1. I am always drawn to pears for quilts and decorating for fall and Christmas, love them with pumpkins and grapes. I love their various golds and rosy colors.

    Your design is so pretty, always love the beads.

  2. 70's is for September!! Not August!! We had a high of 64 yesterday complete with socks.

  3. Your stitching is always perfection!
    Yes, we've had some wonderful weather. Very un-August-like but I will enjoy every day of it.
    Happy weekend :)

  4. Hi Rose, your beading is positively pearfect...sorry, could not resist. I look forward to your postings, enjoying your beautiful handiwork.
    have a happy weekend...Peace and Blessings for all,

  5. I love that stitch!! Sp pretty. How nice that you have perfect weather. Still crazy hot here. I know though it can't last.
    Have a delightful weekend.

  6. Your stitching is always so beautiful! Love the stitch that embellishes the weaver's cloth to the wool. Of course...the beads are always an eye catcher too! This time of year is so relaxing....enjoying much of the same weather here in central nj...ahhhhhh! :-)

  7. What is the name of that stitch on the edge of the hollyhock punch needle? It is exquisite!

    1. Hi kwiltsnblooms !
      The hand embroidery stitch used on the edge of the Hollyhock punch needle design is the Scalloped Blanket Stitch.
      'How to' can be found here...


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