Floss Punched Three Ways...

Using floss in your 'Ultra Punch' punchneedle -

I've been working with 6 stranded floss.
Coral shades...

Punching with two strands of floss with an extra small needle.

I've been wanting to 'test drive' the 
Extra small (Fine) Needle for 
the' Ultra Punch' punchneedle.

Punch Needle with two strands of floss using an extra small needle.

I used two strands of floss.
Very fine and 'delicate'.

Results for floss punched three different ways.

I used the floss in three ways.
2 threads was used with an extra small needle.
3 strands was used with the small needle.
6 strands was used with the medium needle.

My (personal) result / opinion ?

Using 2 threads was a bit 'fussy'.
I had to be VERY attentive, 
for proper coverage.
Definitely would not want to punch 
large areas with this 'fine' punch.
Best suitable for very small designs.

For ease of punching,
I prefer the three strands in the small needle.
Easy on the hand and the wrist.
Good coverage.  
Love the end result (the 'look'). 
 Punching moves along quickly.

The 6 strands in the medium needle,
took more effort to punch through the fabric.
My hand was tired from holding onto
 the punchneedle with a firmer grip.
(Overall, takes just a little more effort to drive 
a heavier needle continuously through 
the Weavers Cloth.)
But, I also like the final result (the 'look'),
of the 6 strands. 
Fast coverage.

~  ~  ~  ~
On my worktable today...
'finishing' two punch needle designs,
(patterns coming in February)
and time with my hoop. 
~ ~ ~ ~

Wishing you a creative day !


  1. Thank you Rose. This is something I've wanted to "play" with but haven't had time. What a great sampling.

  2. Very helpful.thank you. I'm trying to do different finishing of my pieces...not doing so well so am excited to see what you will be doing.

  3. I think that is very interesting. I love your colors. I think my favorite is still the Valdani balls to punch needle with. I like not having to stop and thread. But I do like all of the different colors in your designs. I can't wait to see your new February designs.Its always so nice to see what you have been creating.

  4. I have only punched with 6 strands. I am too lazy to separate the floss 😊

  5. Thanks so much for the info ~ always learn something helpful from you

  6. An excellent demonstration; especially liked hearing how the needle size effected your hand. Looking forward to seeing updated pictures of His Eye
    is on the Sparrow!

  7. thank you for the demonstration, I was wondering what would be easier as I have arthritis in both hands.


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