Thursday, May 24, 2018

Variegated Thread And Milk Chocolate...

'Summer Garden' Punch Needle design by Rose Clay at

Hello Needlework Friends !
I have been working on a
'Summer Garden'.

Maltesers Malt Ball Candy

With this at my side...

Maltesers Malt Ball Candy

A huge tub of malted milk chocolate balls...
you simply cannot stop eating them,
once you start !
(These are not the hard crunchy type - 
but rather, they melt in your mouth.)

My rational ? - I stitch longer 
when I have these at my side  ;)

'Summer Garden' Punch Needle design by Rose Clay at

Beautiful Valdani colors to punch with...

'Summer Garden' Punch Needle design by Rose Clay at

Can never have too much variegated thread !

~  ~  ~  ~  ~
It is a perfect day... 81 degrees
with sunny skies and a slight breeze.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Homemade pizza and Italian salad for dinner.
Dessert will be found at the 
Farmers Market in the park, this evening.
Enjoy your day...


  1. Those malted milk balls look very Yummy !!! Your variegated threads are pretty too !!! The past 2 days here in New England have been perfect 10's !!! Feels wonderful !!! Happy Punching & munching !!!

  2. OMG! I bought a bucket of those Maltesers at Costco a couple of months ago.... they lasted MAYBE 3 days? lol! Enjoy!
    Gorgeous threads and admiring the new design your working on as well!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend! :-)

  3. Just lovely i could not have those by my side they would be gone in one setting

  4. Like Cathy, I would eat the whole tub. They look SO YUMMY!
    Your colors are yummy, too :)
    Happy Memorial Day.

  5. What a treat that would be. I love your colors and your evening sounds just wonderful. Have a great weekend.


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