Monday, June 11, 2018

Hand Embroidered Wildflowers and Berry Hand Pies...

'Wildflowers' Hand Embroidery by Rose Clay at

Mondays are incredibly busy...
my busiest day of the week, by far.

On today's list...
Cloth to cut and package
Orders to pack and mail
Thread to sort
New designs to transfer
Emails to answer 
Wool to wash and organize
Pictures to take
Patterns to print
Newsletter to work on
Kits to assemble for a class

Somewhere in this mix, I will need 
a Spiced Chai Latte AND I happen
to have a husband who loves dessert
EVERY night !!  So, a homemade 
dessert is also needed !

Berry Hand Pies From

~ Berry Hand Pies ~
This looks perfect for a cool, rainy Monday !

'Wildflowers' Hand Embroidery by Rose Clay at

I've been working on Wildflowers...
~ hand embroidered ~
(my favorite)

'Wildflowers' Hand Embroidery by Rose Clay at

Lots of Satin stitch.  I love sitting down with
color charts and different types of threads...
plotting a new hand embroidery design.

Fuschia Peony Bush

While on an early morning walk,
I spotted these gorgeous Peony bushes.

Hoping you have a wonderful Monday !


  1. what a lovely piece you are working on. and hand pies who could want more?

  2. So pretty Rose. I love those embroidery stitches. Yes, Monday is my busiest day too. I run from the time my feet hit the ground until bed time. Yet you found time to bake. What luscious hand pies. I don't think they would last long enough around here to even get a picture.
    I love peonies. I love that color.
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful June.

  3. Those peonies are gorgeous. One of my favorite flowers!
    Beautiful stitches and those hand pies ~ YUM!

  4. Your embroidery is just gorgeous! The flowers are beautiful and those pies look delicious!


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