Friday, October 12, 2018

Creamy White Pumpkins...

Wool Pennies by Rose Clay at

Yesterday was one of those drippy,
rainy, misty, dark and gloomy days.
I sat and cut wool pennies and 
worked on a Penny Rug...

~ BUT ~
Everything changed,
when the mail arrived !

Beautiful Pumpkins by Janice at Prims By The Water

I received a package yesterday...
Beautiful creamy cotton pumpkins
and a fun, white wool, pumpkin pillow !
from Janice at Prims By The Water !
What a wonderful surprise ;)

I had entered her giveaway, on her Blog.
I anticipated ONE of these items,
not all four !!
Thank you Janice... it made my day !

Pumpkin Roll with Meringue Mushrooms by Rose Clay at

This is on my 'to do' list today...
An old time favorite !
Go to (PUMPKIN ROLL) for the recipe.

Autumn decorating !

The weather is much more Fall like here in PA.
A gorgeous blue sky with 
dappled Autumn sunshine and cool breezes !

Enjoy your day my Friends...

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wool applique and fiber goodness -
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  1. So glad you received your goodies Rose! I need to copy that recipe as I love me a good pumpkin roll. It is a rainy night here in Michigan and we are supposed to have our first frost in the morning. UGH. I love Autumn, but not so much what comes after it. Janice

  2. I believe Pumpkin roll is my fav fall thing.
    Your pillow is too cute.

  3. I love it all. Your pumpkins are perfect. So is all your wool.

  4. Congrats on your give-away win! Fun stuff.

  5. what a wonderful win!!! that pumpkin roll looks wonderful


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