Friday, August 2, 2019

Two New Stitching Buddies...

Pumpkin Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

Pumpkins and Autumn 'things'
have been on my mind.
August always brings very hot days,
but the night time temps begin 
to slip, which means the morning
is just a little cooler and sometimes
layered in fog.

Pumpkin Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

The wool and threads are once again
on my worktable.  Hand Embroidery
 is my 'go to' to embellish wool fabric.

My Stitching Buddy !

This girl has been my 
'stitching pal' for the last week, 
while daughter #2 was at the Beach.
Can you not just get lost in those 
big brown eyes ? 

Stormy Philadelphia Cityscape

I'm not a city girl at all.
In fact, when traveling, I will always take
the country 'back road' scenic route.
But, I found myself on the road 
to Philadelphia recently - It was
a sweltering hot and stormy afternoon
and I was taken by the beauty of
the dark sky and the cityscape.

Needlepoint shop in Lititz, PA

I arrived home to find this...
in my hometown !
I am not a Needlepointer
(only because there are not 
enough hours in the day,
to do all I want !)
But, I do use many of the same threads
used for Needlepoint, in my work.
And the best part ?
(A proud Mama moment)
My #2 daughter has now
picked up Needlepoint and is 
loving it.  I now have a new Stitching buddy !

Enjoy your day...

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  1. So glad your daughter has become your newest stitching buddy--oh the fun the two of you can have together

  2. lucky you to have a daughter interested in what you are. My daughter likes my rug hooking but has no interest. There is not enough hours in the day or money in my pocket to pursue all I would like to.

  3. Ahh yes.... pumpkins and cool air! I'm so ready! :-)
    I used to do needlepoint waaaaaaay back in the 80's...and recently started thinking about trying it again! Thanks for the heads up on "Needlepoint for Fun"!
    Philly is awesome! I'd much rather visit there than NY.

  4. Wish my daughter would take up any needle. I learned from my maternal grandmother. THis weekend found me crocheting and hooking. Cute pup and how could you say no to those eyes. Janice


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