New Releases And A Stitching Tip...

'Cleome' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at  , click on 'Studio/Shop'

 Spring has arrived here in Pennsylvania !
I've been working on several
projects, all at once...

'Cleome' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at  , click on 'Studio/Shop'

The Cleome is also known as
the 'Spider Flower'.

A combination of Punch Needle
and Wool Applique...
Deep Berries and Plum petals
and a wool panel with buttons,
make a lovely hanging mat.

This design was 'finished' with a 
wool backing, a bone ring for hanging
and a hand dyed ribbon.

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'Morning Dove' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at , click on 'Studio/Shop'.

'Morning Dove'
A simple Fraktur style design, 
that I have backed with wool.

I named this design for the Dove 
I hear in the 'morning',
outside my window...
The Morning Dove.

The Mourning Dove holds a 
special place in Folklore...
For soldiers, to hear or see one, 
it meant that no one was around.
Doves are seen as a sign of
Good Luck and Peace.

To learn more about this 
Punch Needle Design,
go to...

A Stitching Tip:
When sewing through
multiple layers of fabric,
I use a set of silicon Needle Pullers...
they help firmly grip the needle
and allow me to easily pull the needle
through the fabric.
They are not for 'pushing' the needle,
but they work super well
for providing the grip
needed to pull the needle through.

I purchased my set on Amazon,
in a size Medium/Large.


Have a wonderful creative Spring !

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  1. I have never heard of those grippers. I love how you always have such nice tips. Your patterns are just lovely. So is the history. Have a lovely Easter.

    1. Thank you, Kim !
      Best Easter wishes to you, too !

  2. Oh those grippers look great ! I use a gripper jar opener for that & it's too bulky !!! Thank you for the tip !!!
    Happy Easter !!!!

  3. I used to use a cut up ‘gripper jar opener’, too - these work 100% better ☺️

  4. These are just gorgeous Rose. You out did yourself this time! Janice

    1. Hi Janice !
      Thanks for your kind words. ;)

  5. Your rugs are very pretty.

    After decades, I finally got used to wearing a thimble, thanks to learning to hand quilt. I still can't use anything even a bit bulky on index finger or thumb and still have control of the needle though. When I need a bit of extra grip for pulling needles, I use finger cots. Nice and thin, I can still feel the needle, and they do last quite a while before getting too many holes to use. And I don't need to constantly pick them up and put them down, not to mention wonder where they disappear to like those little bits of jar gripper pieces. I know some quilters cut fingers off rubber gloves as well.

  6. Beautiful designs. I too use finger cots that I used for going through paper. I bought some of the grippers like you use but I still had trouble pulling the needle through so I got out my old reliable jeweler pliers that have no ridges-they're smooth and extremely effective.

  7. I purchased the begiiner needle kit-Sheep BPN1/kit, and now I would like to know if you have a video for me to learn how to do a Beaded Blanket stitch. I love my kit, just need to get the beads on. Thank you, Angela