Springtime Releases...

'To My Dearest' Punch Needle Design from

 Hello Needlework Friends...
I have two new Punch Needle designs
with easy finishes.

is an envelope bursting with fresh,
gorgeous flowers, to hang from
a knob or place in a bowl or basket.

Design is finished with a wool (or cotton)
backing and trimmed with 
Ribbon Ruching.

For more details, go to...

New life in the Springtime ~ 
forced bulbs.
Finished project can be hung from
a knob or placed in a bowl or basket.

Finished in the same way
as 'To My Dearest',
with a wool (or cotton) backing
and trimmed with Ribbon Ruching.
To learn more, go to...

'Most Loved' Punch Needle Design from

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Enjoy your day, my Friends...


  1. Great to hear from you again Rose! Your designs are awesome as ever! Janice

  2. Just beautiful!! I love how creative you are and your designs are always a delight to the eyes.


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