Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cat and Mouse Wool String Bag...

Who can resist the cat and mouse ?

String bags are so useful and are a great way to keep a ball of string on hand - ready at your fingertips.
Read more about String Bags.

This String Bag is made from 100% wool.
The cat and mouse were hand pieced and applied with a Blanket stitch.  The bag is 3/4 lined to allow for a ball of string to move freely.


  1. What a cute kitty... is that an eyelet, or a rivet? Anyway, a great bag....

  2. Hi Kim...
    I used a grommet for the string to pass through.
    Glad you liked the cat and mouse !

  3. That is pretty adorable. At first I just thought the string was a great embellishment on the bag, BUT it is actually functional and adorable. #TALU

  4. Well done! That is such a cute and original idea. My garden twine is always getting snagged on tiils or messed up into a tangly mess.
    Visiting from TALU :)

  5. Very clever! I'm a "foodie" popping in via the #TALU - sadly, I'm not very "crafty," but that's so cute, it made me think (if you haven't already), you should do a magician's hat too, so it's like the magician pulling the never-ending handkerchief out of his hat. :)

  6. This is such a cute idea! I couldn't resist adding it to our Bag Brag Linking party:


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