Saturday, November 9, 2013

Santa Sampler...

Santas Of Fable And Fantasy

This sampler was featured in the Nov/Dec 1991 issue 
of 'Cross Stitch and Country Crafts' magazine.
(Still available on Amazon, Ebay, etc.)

The design measures approximately 12in. x 9.5in.
(When I stitched this design, I didn't document 
the stitch count or type of cloth.)

But, I was amazed at the unique and different Santas,
and made a note of them on the back of the frame.

Santa #1 Magical Wizard / Future
Santa #2 Russian
Santa #3 "Santa Claus" / America
"Sinterklass / Holland
Santa #4 "Father Christmas" / England
Santa #5 1960's / USA

At the bottom of this design, I stitched 
"Sewn for my children, 
with genuine love."

A little more than 6 weeks until Christmas !

Time to start a Christmas list...  ;)


  1. How beautiful. I love this design, and your work :)

  2. Lovely as your work always is.

  3. Beautiful stitching! Those designs are timeless!

  4. Beautiful Santa sampler! I stitched the Santa in the brown coat for an exchange once and have always meant to stitch some of those Santas for ornaments...but haven't gotten to it yet. So much to little time.

  5. Believe it or not...I still have this issue (NO, I'm not a hoarder...haha) :) I've always loved these Santas but never stitched them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is a very pretty sampler. I have some of my old magazines that I still have hopes in making some of my favorites and I still look at them. It is very lovely work Rose.

  7. Thanks friends for your generous and kind comments !
    The old cross stitch magazines hold so many gems worth stitching. ;)


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