Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Snowday...

 Our Sweet And Simple Snowman

Who doesn't love a snowday ??
Remember hearing on the radio
"School is closed" ?

4-5 inches of snow fell today...

Quietly blanketing the gardens...

"Frosting" on the American Cranberry...

Harry Lauder's Walking Stick
comes to life with a new coat of white.

A perfect, peaceful snowday !

Stay warm friends...


  1. How beautiful, Rose! I can't wait for the snow to start falling in lower Michigan...it makes everything magical!

  2. I love your pictures Rose, especially the fence, evergreen and hardwood tree. Thanks for sharing.
    We only got about a half inch, but it was enough to make things slick for a bit.


  3. Oh wow, super photos! Closest we get to snow is bags of fake stuff that comes out of bags!

  4. It was a beautiful snow day too.
    Love your photos.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. Lovely photos of snow and glad I'm looking at it on the computer not in my yard. I always wanted a Walking Stick and tried once but don't have the proper soil or perhaps since I live in the woods there was never the proper amount of sunlight.

    Love the snowman!!!!!!


  6. Looks great! When the kids were little, we would make snow turtles, snow Papa's complete with mustache, etc. Followed by some hot chochy, it was a blast.

  7. Love the pics Rose. We got about the same here in Philly. Looks so pretty and I don't mind a little white stuff just not too much:) Stay warm too!

  8. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous Rose. I'll be headed up your way in 3 weeks and hope we can get a little snow...just not too much because I want to be able to get out and about.

    Hope your season is going well :)

  9. Your American Cranberry looks beautiful with it's coat of snow as does my favorite tree in your garden the Henry Lauder Walking Stick. How nice to have a snow day. It looks beautiful.

  10. Beautiful pictures! Love the walking stick.
    Thanks for the link on how you make your beaded ornament hangers. What fun!
    Hugs :)

  11. très jolies photos ! merci pour ce partage !


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