Thursday, December 19, 2013

In The Beginning...

In the beginning...

I love starting a new project...
everything from sketching the design,
transferring it onto weavers cloth
and choosing the colors.

For one small moment,
I am "princess of color",
throwing around balls of Valdani Perle Cotton...
making the big, important color choices.

A job not to be taken lightly !
No detail overlooked !

In all seriousness, the 'color picking' 
is just plain fun !

Once I have my colors chosen, 
they go into an egg carton, 
where they rest comfortably until needed. 

And then the magic begins...
Valdani has the most gorgeous shades of Perle Cotton.

Ripened Plum ~ Iris Petals ~ Mulberry Grape
Mauve Orchid ~ Forgotten Lavender

Valdani Rose Suave is a whisper of pink, 
so soft and perfect for this design.

Wispy green tendrils are punched in 
Valdani Morning Grass.

Wishing you some quiet time to be creative
in these last few days before Christmas !


  1. I love the valdani perle cotton too! Especially their variegated colors!! Also going to "steal" you egg carton idea! LOVE THAT!!! So much easier than a bowl. Thanks. And Happy Holidays to ya!

  2. Valdani threads are the most beautiful! I have a very difficult time with color's the least of my favorite in creating...I 'm just not very good at it and it takes me forever! Love the egg crate idea. Your pattern and colors are just gorgeous!

  3. Rose how do you know what to sketch on your fabric? Do you have a pattern that you transfer?
    It's so beautiful.


  4. Lovely colors and your photography is perfection! I've loved the egg carton idea for holding threads since you first shared it.

    Happiest of Holidays Rose!

  5. A beautiful design Rose with spectacular colors! Can't wait to see the surprise... Love Valdani threads with wool. My favorite... Have a peaceful holiday.

  6. I agree that choosing the colours is the most important to make a piece your own. Sometimes the design or pattern appeals but not the colour choices. I can't imagine going somewhere and saying,...excuse me I NEED this particular fabric or colour and not bending to your soul.

    That is what makes a piece yours. Sometimes I stick to the rules but I usually add my own twist,

  7. Fun and beautiful.
    I cant wait to see the finished masterpiece. :)
    Merry Christmas

  8. Beautiful! This looks like a project I'm going to "need" to do for Valentine's Day!!!

  9. Hi Spring punchneedle , with flowers.....I like the colors .
    evelyne from France.

  10. I love those colors and I love how you start your projects. It is so nice to share all of those beautiful jewels with us. Have a lovely Christmas.

  11. I so agree...........I love every thing about starting a new project. I can't wait to finish one to start another! Beautiful threads and work! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. Looks like you're starting a spring project with those lovely colors. Pretty!

  13. Beautiful! My daughter loves those very colors! I'm guessing a valentine!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  14. It's a symphony of Spring colors and looking lovely already. You do make me want to punch, my friend, if only I had time. I'll be creative tomorrow as we are finally decorating the tree. Hugs, Nan

  15. I see hints of spring! Lovely choices! ~Roberta

  16. Your precision amazes me! I guess practice makes perfect. I would like to see the back of your punching so I know what to shoot for!!! I too LOVE starting a new project....guess that why I have so many lined up on the runway!!!

    Merry Christmas !!!


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