Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stitch Day And Unfinished Wool Applique...

Lovely Hand Embroidery

At a recent 'Stitch Day',
Brenda H. showed the group 
what she was working on ...

Lovely Hand Embroidery

These various stitches and 'pieces' 
are beautiful in person.
The pictures just cannot do them justice.

Lovely Hand Embroidery

The flowers are shaded and look so real ...
amazing hand work.

Lovely Hand Embroidery

A variety of hand embroidered stitches...
(I need an embroidery book to figure it all out !)

Lovely Hand Embroidery

Can you guess what these 'parts' will become ?

Hand Embroidered Bears

All these stitched pieces will come together
to make hand stitched teddy bears !
Pretty adorable, don't you think ?

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Wool Applique by Rose from ThreeSheepStudio.com

As I was cleaning up and sorting my wool hutch,
I found some 'almost' finished designs.
I literally started these years ago...
what was I thinking ?  Or more like, 
"Why were they stuffed into the wool hutch,
and when did I do that ?"

Okay, so here they are...
Now, to decide, do I like them enough 
to finish them ?

Wool Applique by Rose from ThreeSheepStudio.com

I don't often lay stitching to the side and
not finish it.  I like to finish what I start.
I don't like to spin my wheels and waste time.

Hoping to finish these 3 wool applique projects,
for the Lititz Porchwalk 
(September 30 and October 1, 2016)
...  we'll see.

It's a cold day here.
'Warm Days', where are you ???


  1. First off--those wool stitched flowers are totally awesome--beautiful stitchery--so realistic and beautiful; will they be cats in a garden?? (;--000); secondly those teddies are way too cute; and I love your yummy pears...are you going to bead and be-deck them??? Have a wonderful holiday hugs, Julierose

  2. Beautiful needlework. Learning wool applique is on my bucket list

  3. What beautiful embroidery. My goodness. I love seeing those. Your wool is so nice. Yes, its been perfectly warm here. Trying to get my weeds under control still. :)

  4. Goodness that is beautiful stitchery and bet the bears look wonderful in person. Gee, guess you had some elves working after hours and hiding their work from you, lol. Well at least they are partly done and quickly finished.


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