Monday, April 25, 2016

'Sweet Summer' Punch Needle and a Rug Hooking finish...

'Sweet Summer' Punch Needle project by Rose Clay at
Valdani variegated Perle Cotton

Choosing colors of Perle Cotton ...

'Sweet Summer' Punch Needle project by Rose Clay at

Lavender blooms...
you can't see the individual lavender buds,
until the background is punched.

'Sweet Summer' Punch Needle project by Rose Clay at
Punch Needle Embroidery

Stems and lots of delicate lavender leaves.

'Sweet Summer' Punch Needle project by Rose Clay at

This is the back of my Punch Needle project.
When I have a lot of little details, 
I will leave my Perle Cotton 'tails',
just a little bit longer.  The details are
actually easier to punch around, when the 'tail' is longer,
because you can easily hold it back with a finger,
while you punch.

'Sweet Summer' Punch Needle project by Rose Clay at
'Sweet Summer' Punch Needle design

There is nothing that says "warm weather"
quite like a lilac in bloom.
This lilac is about 60 years old 
and smells so heavenly.
Not to mention that gorgeous color !

'Lamb' Rug Hooking by Rose Clay at
Traditional Wool Rug Hooking

My Lamb Rug Hooking is bound 
and waiting for the Porchwalk at the end of September.

Have a beautiful start to your week my Friends...


  1. This post smells so good! LOL

  2. Beautiful I so need to practice needle punch

  3. As always Rose, beautiful work. You talent never ceases to amaze me. Funny aside, when the photo of the back of your work scrolled through my screen I was a little surprised thinking you had started working in another direction, maybe modern or abstracts! Even the back looks good!!!

  4. Love your wooley lilacs a lot; and, the real lilac is such a glorious color!
    Beautiful work hugs, Julierose

  5. Every thing is so pretty. Your lilac is gorgeous. Wow! Sixty years old!
    I love those colors you have chosen. Your rug is wonderful.
    It is always motivating seeing your work. Have a lovely week.


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