Friday, May 20, 2016

Quaker Ball Project...

Quaker Ball project by Rose Clay at Three Sheep Studio

I am getting ready to start on
a Pennsylvania German 'Quaker' Ball.

I love the finished look of a Quaker Ball...
26 pieces, all hand embroidered,
assembled, by hand, into a ball.

Quaker Ball project by Rose Clay at Three Sheep Studio
Hand dyed linen from Stitch N Stuff in Reading, PA

There are so many fabric choices...
I've settled on a 28ct. hand dyed linen.
The color is 'Cyprium'.  Gorgeous !

I'll show my work as I move along on the project.
Still playing with the threads, 
to see what will work.

Bleeding Heart

We've had two GLORIOUS days of sunshine,
and tomorrow we're back into rain for the weekend.

I was able to walk the gardens today
and see what is coming along...other than weeds,
which love the **weeks and weeks** of rain
we have been having.

My Bronze Fennel has made it
through the winter.
The Monarch caterpillars love to feast on it,
during the summer.  But I don't mind,
this plant will get 4-5 feet tall, bronze, 
feathery and very bushy.
There will be plenty for me and the caterpillars !

May your weekend be filled with peace
and a little creativity...


  1. Have no idea what the Pennsylvania Quaker Ball is so am looking forward to your postings.

  2. Hi Rose, as we face another cool, rainy, good-for-the weeds weekend I wanted to thank you for the wool penny idea from the prior post. I am always looking for portable projects and this one came just in time, thank you. I have tediously traced and cut my pennies but your method is so, so much better, thank you. The Quaker Ball sounds like a great project. I have admired them but never knew the name. Learn something new every day. Have a lovely stitching weekend.

  3. I always love seeing the colors you will be working with. Your garden looks like my garden looks like. Still it is so nice to read about yours.
    I can't wait to watch your progress.

  4. I'm not sure what the Quaker ball is either. Looking forward to learning. Is it what is also called a puzzle ball?
    Bronze fennel is a cool plant!
    Hugs :)

  5. Beautiful linen and threads! Looking forward to seeing your latest creation progress... though I don't think I'm familiar with what a Quaker ball is?


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