Friday, March 10, 2017

Yesterday And Today...

Trees flowering

This was yesterday...
sunny and warm...
take a walk or ride a bike kinda day.
Trees flowering...

Harry Lauders Walking Stick covered in snow

This is today...
cold and snowy...

Daffodils under a blanket of snow

Daffodils under a blanket of snow.

Old Fashioned Pansy punch needle design by Rose Clay at  - 'Studio'

Spring really is on the way,
tells me so.
Punch Needle pattern is 
now available in my Studio.

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. No snow here but getting C-O-L-D!!! I picked all my daffodils because I don't think they can survive the deep freeze.
    Only 10 more days until spring :)

  2. Not to worry here, it's over 70 with no snow in sight. Your 'Old fashioned Pansy' is wonderfully delightful. Perfect choice of colors all around. Love it! We spring ahead on Sunday...don't forget.

    Folk Art Hugs with Peace, Barb

  3. we have to weather a storm next week too Rose. What kind of tree is that in your snow image.

  4. We have snow in forecast fir weekend.
    Love those sweet flowers on that tree or bush.
    Is that a Walking stick tree covered in snow?

  5. It does change fast. I had to break out the capri's yesterday.
    I know that winter is almost over. Your trees still look pretty.
    Have a nice week.


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