Saturday, September 23, 2017

Happy Saturday Morning...

'In The Patch' punch needle 'finish' by Rose Clay at  (Blog)

Lets talk about Roasted Coffee...
There is nothing I like better than to start 
my day early with a LARGE glass 
of Pom Orange Juice (Pomegranate Juice 
and OJ) and a cup of roasted, fresh ground coffee.

Okay, back to the Roasted Coffee...
this Valdani Perle Cotton reminds me 
of roasted coffee, but it is actually called 
Chocolate Brownies... no worries,
that suites me fine, also !
In fact, I love chocolate with my coffee in the morning.

Beaded Blanket Stitch 'finish' on a pillow by Rose Clay at

I'm continuing to pull together some finishes
on items I have on my worktable.
This chocolate or roast coffee shaded wool,
is perfect for this pillow...  
Finished with a Glass Beaded Blanket Stitch.

'In The Patch' punch needle 'finish' by Rose Clay at  (Blog)

"In The Patch" punch needle design
is available as a pattern or a kit.
Kit will include Weavers Cloth and buttons needed.

Design can be finished in a variety of ways...
would be nice placed on the front of a book
or a basket, or can also be framed.

~  ~  ~

Morning Glories

My Morning Glories are still blooming profusely !

Beautiful Blooming Plant

While at the library, I spotted this beautiful 
blooming plant.  Have no idea what it is called, 
but it was amazing and about 3+ feet tall.

Beautiful Blooming Plant

Another plant from the library gardens...
happy little faces !
~  ~  ~ 
And, from the library...
I do a lot of driving and to pass the time,
I listen to Audio Books.
I just finished "Boys In The Boat",
by Daniel James Brown.
Wow, an amazing 'read'.  I highly recommend it
to all the 'readers' out there.
~  ~  ~

Have a splendid Saturday !


  1. That yellow flower you couldn't identify is called Popcorn Plant, common name,
    not the botanical name. It is such a colorful plant for the Autumn.

  2. Those plants are gorgeous! Even the foliage.

  3. I love that color! Your pillow is wonderful. Very curious about the yellow plant at your library.

  4. Beautiful work and flowers as well. I too highly recommend The Boys in the Boat.

  5. Opps! I put the post for here on your last post by accident. I had to go back and look at those gourds again.

  6. Beautiful finish!
    Beautiful plants, too.
    Enjoy what's left of Sunday :)

  7. Hello, I am new to blogging and punch needle. I have my fabric, needle and patterns, all I need now is the thread. I have a ton of DMC floss that I was given, but separating it into three strands sounds like a real pain. Would love a tutorial on thread options so I can get punching. Happy Fall y'all.


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