How To Applique With Wool Series - Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this Series, you can read it here:
Let's take a look at how to cut out, trim, shape and piece
our wool applique design.

Pin pattern pieces to wool and cut out pieces in the colors of your choice.
When you are ready to cut out the very small pieces as shown above and below...
I will cut a long strip of wool in the width I need and then
cut the small pieces I need "freehand".
This is much easier than pinning/cutting a tiny pattern piece six times.
Continue cutting out all of your pattern pieces.
After removing the paper pattern, be sure your wool pieces
 have smooth lines and are shaped nicely.
For example, the circles should be nicely rounded, no sharp edges, etc.
Lay out your background wool, the 9in. x 9in. or 10in. x 10in. piece,
(22.86cm x  22.86cm or 25.40cm x 25.40cm).
You will want your background wool to be smooth with no wrinkles or creases,
press with an iron if necessary.
Position your wool pieces on the background wool block. 
Lightly trim the wool pieces if needed, so that your design
"fits together" nicely.

Using a tape measure or ruler, measure all four sides...
You will want your design to be positioned exactly in the center of the wool block.  Move the design until you have equal space on all four sides.
You can choose to pin your design pieces in place or use a quality fabric adhesive.
I prefer to use a SCANT amount, (a tiny dab), of "Fabri-Tac", 
to lightly hold the wool pieces in place.
Begin tacking down your wool pieces, 
starting with top pieces first. 
Continue with this process until all of the design pieces are in place. 
Remember to only use a scant amount, (a small dab), of Fabri-Tac on each piece. 
The idea is not to glue down pieces, but rather to lightly "tack" them into place.
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We will finish our wool applique design and review some helpful tips 
for working with wool.
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