Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Favorite Rug Hook And Beautiful Weeds...

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at ThreeSheepStudio.com

Curly-q shapes of wool are beginning 
to fill in my lamb. 

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at ThreeSheepStudio.com

My favorite hook.  
Fourteen years ago, when I first started Hooking, 
there were very few resources for wool rug hooking.
I sent away to Nova Scotia for my hook.  
Didn't know what to ask for and was simply 
over the moon excited to just get a hook - ANY hook !
It wasn't until much later, that I realized my hook was
geared more for a fine hooker.  By that time, I was so used to 
this hook and how it felt in my hand...oh well, I just
couldn't change over, even when I tried. 
It just didn't feel as comfortable as this hook does.

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at ThreeSheepStudio.com

Finishing up the body...

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at ThreeSheepStudio.com
Background wool

Nubby Gold wool...a rich, dark caramel...

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at ThreeSheepStudio.com

As I was hooking this background,
I had a moment that every hooker can relate to...
a moment of sheer terror, when you are looking
at your bag of wool strips and realizing,
Hey, wait a minute, I might not have enough of this wool 
to finish the background of this project.

Up late at night, digging through your stash,
wondering, "Where in the world did I get this wool ?"
Loosing sleep over WOOL ? really ?
Yes, really !!

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking by Rose at ThreeSheepStudio.com

Up at 5:00 a.m. STILL trying to locate where 
this wool came from.  Ah, yes... The Wool Studio.
Sent an email and am waiting to hear back about
the possibility of this wool in stock !

~  ~  ~  ~

My 12 year old son and I ride bike every chance we get.
We have oodles of "Rails To Trails" all around us.
(Miles of railroad beds that have been 
turned into walking / biking trails.)

Many of the fields are awash in a pinky / purple hue,
for as far as the eye can see. 
It's just beautiful and is a constant reminder 
that Spring is now here. 

Beautiful flowering weeds !

Enjoy the sunshine today...


  1. What are those weeds called do you know? They are such a pretty color.
    And here I am thinking I am the only one who does that, runs out of wool on the background. Your sheep is lovely, I can see how you would just enjoy this outside in the spring sunshine. The same thing happens with me all of the time.
    I called some company back in the 90s, (before internet) and the lady sent me what she thought was the perfect rug hook. I still have never seen another like it. It is a pencil hook I think, but with a proddy on the other end. I think that is what it is, no one has ever been able to tell me, but it is what I learned with first and it is the only thing that feels, "normal". I do love that background wool. I am glad you remembered where you purchased it. Happy Hooking!

  2. Your hooking is so beautiful Rose! I love that you share close up photos so we can see all the wonderful details! Crossing my fingers that you can get more of your background wool x x x x

  3. While I appreciate their beauty in the field, I spent many hours the last few days "disinviting" them to my flower beds.

    Happy hooking and biking!

  4. I love your hooking! Can't wait to learn how to do it...
    Beautiful flower bed XXX

  5. Oh my goodness I do love this rug!! It might just be the final push for me to learn hooking!! I am addicted to sheep! And yes I do understand losing sleep over a project!! Once I spent days searching my studio for a kit. Just couldn't find it knowing without a doubt I had bought it. Finally gave up & a couple weeks later it arrived in the mail because the shop had been waiting on a fiber!!! P.S. Will this be available in punch needle??

  6. Oh my goodness...... it's beautiful!!!!!
    Once I'd have to learn!!!
    Have a nice day my friend

  7. Your hooking is superb! Love the green of that hook too! Every once in awhile I get an email with a pic attached and a note "do you have of this in stash"? lol! Yes... with the mounds of wool we have, there is always one color that gets used repeatedly and in large quantity! :-) Happy hooking, happy spring! :-)


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