Friday, March 25, 2016

Scraps, Snippets And Wool Strips...

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking -

Taking a break from my Punch Needle 
to work on some Rug Hooking, 
before the weather
gets too warm. 

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking -
Preparing my backing

Once my design is drawn on the straight of grain...
I zig-zag around my outer border, twice.

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking -
Choosing the wool is the fun part !

Soft, neutral colors will work well with this design. 

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking -

I used to cut all of my wool strips by hand,
and sometimes will still do that...
but I love how my Townsend Cutter cuts the 
strips like butter....

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking -

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking -

And when you have a lot of strips to cut,
it does the work in a fraction of the time.

Traditional Wool Rug Hooking -

It was so warm and sunny yesterday...
I sat outside and hooked away the afternoon.

Wool Scraps, Snippets and Straggly Wool Strips for the birds

All my scraps, snippets and straggly
wool strips go into a suet holder for the birds.
They will work at this until 
there isn't even one wool strip remaining !
Then I will find some of them woven into nests.

Have a wonderful day my friends...


  1. What a wonderful sweet idea!! I am sure the birds around here would love that too. How wonderful you have a Townsend! I think it would be wonderful to own such an incredible cutter. I dream about them but as of yet, it is just a dream. :) I have two Frazers and all of the blades, but someday. :) I can't wait to see your rug. I got excited seeing you doing some hooking. I do enjoy sitting outside hooking right now.
    Have a lovely Easter and a wonderful Good Friday.

  2. Your hooking is as perfectly even as your punching, but not surprising!! Lol. That's a fabulous idea with the suet feeder!! Happy Easter!!

  3. Your hooking is perfection! Love all your colors. I have many of those wools ... lol!
    Love the idea of filling your suet feeder.
    Happy Easter :)

  4. Lookie lookie at those perfect loopy soldiers lined in a row. Is this by any change the OOH challenge you're working on?

    Great idea for wool strips in the suet feeder.

  5. I have a couple friends who own that cutter - makes short work of cutting strips, that's for sure! Lovely fabrics - can't wait to see more!

  6. Perfect! It's a beautiful day to be hooking a Spring design! Nice idea about sharing the wool scraps with our feathered friends! Happy Easter!


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