Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Two Sided Wool Fabric...

Two Sided Wool Fabric made into a pillow by Rose Clay

Somewhere, buried under mountains of wool,
I found this lovely two sided wool fabric.
*Now I know, none of you hoard fabric,
so you don't have the problem
of not knowing exactly what you have 
because it's lost !*
(wink, wink)

Still Of The Night Punch Needle Pillow by Rose Clay at   (blog)

I thought the 'black' side would be 
perfect for a pillow.
Trimmed in a glass beaded edge...

Still Of The Night Punch Needle Pillow by Rose Clay at   (blog)
Still Of The Night Punch Needle Design

In the still of the night...
A pumpkin patch, 
lit by a sliver of moon.
A skeleton tree.
A swirly night sky.
A single crow, 
keeping watch over all.

~  ~  ~

We are having amazing Autumn days...
sunny skies in the high 70's.

~ Be watching for the Harvest Moon
tomorrow night ! ~


  1. Darling pillow!!!!! Yes! The Harvest Moon tomorrow!!

  2. Two sided wool is the best, love that for hooking.
    What a great pillow and the beaded blanket is truly
    yours. Always so pretty.
    Our weather has been just perfect and farmers were
    in the fields of corn and beans from here to the Mississippi,
    I know this as we went to Hannibal for a couple of
    I'm hoping its clear tomorrow so we can walk the gravel
    road in the moonlight, and if Hubbs is feeling up to it.
    and we are finally
    getting rain

  3. I love that two sided wool. What perfect weather. I love your pillow. Its perfect weather here too. Perfect for baking. :)

  4. I am loving this weather!!!
    Beautiful finish.

  5. lovely pillow, I don't know what you are talking about fabric stash, what fabric stash

  6. What a gorgeous wool, I'd hoard it also if I had it. Perfect for your project!

  7. The wool is beautiful! I love the needlepunch with it! Nope...none of us who read your blog are "wool hoarders".....I consider myself a "wool colletor"....


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