Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Wool Applique Pumpkins...

Wool Applique Pumpkin by Rose Clay at ThreeSheepStudio.com

Okay, I promise...
this is my LAST pumpkin design of the season !!

I have already started my winter Holiday designs,
but I just couldn't resist a Wool Applique Pumpkin !

what's better than a wooly good orange pumpkin ??

Wool Applique Pumpkin by Rose Clay at ThreeSheepStudio.com

Well, of course...
a wooly good white pumpkin !

wool applique pattern is in my Studio.
Design measures 6in. x 5in.

It uses scraps of wool fabric, 
in any color that strikes your fancy.
Maybe a light orange pumpkin or 
how about a bluish green one ?

You can embellish your pumpkin with stitches,
buttons or beads of your choice.

Beautiful colors and textures of ornamental grass.

While on a walk, I came across this gorgeous,
extra soft ornamental grass.  LOVING these colors !

Have a beautiful Autumn day...


  1. Very cute. I also love pumpkin decor :)

  2. Beautiful crazy quilt pumpkins, always torn between the traditional orange or white, now there's my bluish green ones, oh my.
    Love the grass head colors, nature gives us so much inspiration.

  3. I'm partial to the white pumpkin!!!

  4. Love your pumpkins I will echo Lauren I love the white

  5. I love your pumpkins! They are so pretty. Any pumpkin is a good pumpkin.

  6. I'm so glad I found your site. You encourage me and excite me to do more applique - thanks for sharing your creativeness with us


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