Monday, July 2, 2018

Warm, Yummy Colors And Tomatoes...

Punch Needle Perle Cotton Colors at

On my worktable today...
Warm and inviting colors...
Cinnamon Swirl ~ Terracotta Twist
Rusted Orange ~ Coffee Roast
Burnt Chocolate ~ Chocolate Brownies

It all sounds so divine !
(I guess, I'm hungry this morning !)

Punch Needle with Valdani Perle Cotton by Rose Clay at

I'm working on a gnarly old tree
using Valdani Perle Cotton 
in Black Nut.

Sun Sugar Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

First of the season !
Sun Sugar Yellow Cherry tomatoes.
Once you start picking,
it's like an avalanche of sweet goodness...
the plant just starts producing almost every day.

Enjoy your (*VERY warm*) summer day !


  1. Those tiny tomatoes are the best !!! I am fighting with a Chipmunk over ours ..I better win !!! I don't want to share with him !!!

  2. Ahhhh homegrown tomatoes! Those golden ones are soooo sweet!
    Pumpkins are a good thought to keep cool during this heatwave....don't worry, Saturday promises to be near perfection! :-)

  3. Have a lovely day Rose, yes, fresh tomatoes are such a treat. I love your colors. I hope you have a lovely Forth of July.

  4. Homegrown tomatoes. YUM!
    Happy and safe 4th to you and your family.


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