Monday, July 9, 2018

Wool Flowers With Hand Embroidery...

Wool Applique with hand embroidery by Rose Clay at

Snippets of pastel wools
pieced into flowers 
on black and white houndstooth wool.

Wool Applique with hand embroidery by Rose Clay at

Embellished with tiny glass beads
and a touch of hand embroidery.

Wool Applique with hand embroidery by Rose Clay at

I'm taking a little time to get back to my roots...
with some free hand embroidery.
I love anything black and white,
so this wool makes a great background.


Candy Corn Vine

It's a warm breezy Monday.
Perfect for working in the garden.

A Candy Corn vine.
(attracts hummingbirds)
It's very dainty, but brightly colored.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh in full bloom.
These spikes of blooms are 5 foot tall.

Blooming Extra Large Hosta

Huge hosta

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf Hydrangea
Every year, this never ceases to amaze me.
It seams nothing bothers it and it comes 
back strong each Spring.

Oakleaf Hydrangea Bloom

Enjoy your start to the week, my Friends !


  1. Love stitching and lovely flowers.
    Glad I visited

  2. Oh, there's nothing like getting back to freehand roots! Darlin' appliqu├ęd garden flowers, Rose!
    And your real flowers are lovely...

    ~~Nancy of The Bonnie White Hare

  3. Lovely flowers both real and appliqued! Do you sell your wool by the yard? Janice

  4. I always enjoy seeing your stitching. Your flowers are incredible. Summer is so nice. I love seeing you get back to your roots. I do love embroidery.
    Have a delightful week Rose.

  5. Hi rose!!! Love your happy stitching.

  6. Always in awe of your beautiful stitching and the time involved.
    Such treasures.
    Enjoyed seeing your flowers also. I've taken black cohash but never seen the plant.

  7. Your stitching is perfection as always.
    LOVE seeing pics of your garden. Oak leaf hydrangea is a favorite of mine but I don't have one. Lots of other hydrangeas, but no oak leaf. I just can't figure out where I can fit one in since they grow so large.

  8. Ohhh! These are so pretty! Love the colors you've used. And I agree-- Oakleaf Hydrangeas are so amazing. I've got 5 in my yard! So dramatic, and interesting in all seasons! Nice to meet you :)


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