Thursday, September 20, 2018

Perle or PEARL ...

Perle Cotton Thread for Punch Needle Embroidery

In my small, comfy, QUIET 
and cozy world of stitching...
this is Perle ...
(Perle Cotton Thread to be exact)

Perle Cotton Thread for Punch Needle Embroidery

I dream about Perle Cotton...
I have designs floating around in my head,
just waiting to come to life on cloth...
stitch by stitch ~ punch by punch.

Stash of Perle Cotton Thread for Punch Needle Embroidery

Did I mention I hoard Perle Cotton ?
I do, and I have no shame 'what so ever'.
You can never have too many fibers, 
fabric or Perle.

~  ~  ~  ~
So, where am I going with this ?
~  ~  ~  ~

Pearl Drum Set


to my 15 year old son...


Pearl Drum Set


Pearl Drum Set

~ a PEARL drum set ~

My son has a 'new' music passion
(He already plays advanced Piano..
ahh, nice and soothing sounds,
as he tickles the ivory)

Pearl Drum Set

This is a new experience for us...
there are some serious sounds coming
from our home.
Kind of like a concert of sorts.

I might have to start getting up just
a little earlier to enjoy some 
coveted, peaceful, quiet time - 
to stitch/punch with MY Perle !

~  ~  ~ ~  ~ ~  ~ 
Oh, and you can check out my new
for more stitching, punching,
wool applique and fiber goodness !
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Have a peaceful day, my Friends...


  1. I remember the day when my son wanted to take guitar lessons. It got a bit loud with the amp on. Have fun with the drums. One cannot have enough of anything they are passionate about Rose. I hoard wool, fabric and floss. Janice

  2. Oh you have to purchase some ear plugs for when you need it to be a bit more quiet
    Both pearl's are exciting depending on who you are.

  3. I love that drumset!! I had always wanted to play the drums when I was in Jr. high....instead I had to settle for an upside down metal wastebasket, bongo-ing to the beat of "Day-Oh" sung by other 8 th grade classmates in a talent show......oh yes...the Glory Days! I love your kind of pearl as well....

  4. Oh my!!!! You poor thing... maybe there are Pearl brand ear plugs you can wear? lol!

  5. What bliss to have that much cotton to choose from. How sweet that your son has such a awesome set of drums. I am going to follow you on Instagram.

  6. Sounds like you have a very talented son. The acorn doesn't fall too far 😊

  7. Oh my, all that perle cotton. Just yummy to look at.
    The drum set is beautiful for sure....but..well glad I'm not in hearing range.

  8. Oh My I LOVE your perle in the boxes, So much :) and good luck with the Pearl Drums HAHA


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