Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Can You Have Too Many Chai Teas ?

Slate Cafe, Lititz, PA

I'm having a serious problem with 
all of these yummy hot drinks...
Chai Tea
Hansel and Gretel Chai
(Chai, cranberry syrup, orange zest)
(hot apple cider with Chai tea)
Chocolate Chai
Hazelnut Chai
on and on...

My Shopping Buddies

My Christmas shopping buddies...
My son and #2 daughter.

Heavenly Soaps, Lititz, PA
Heavenly Soaps

I'm a huge believer in shopping
small business and shopping local.
The service, unique items and beautiful displays
are vital and a mainstay with small business.

Clemintines, Lititz, PA

These pics are from some of our local stores,
here in Lititz, PA.

Small business shop owners,
both in Brick and Mortar stores
and online, take an interest 
in their customers and work hard
to provide a unique shopping experience.

Zest, Lititz, PA

This year, venture out,
support small business.
You might be amazed what you will find !

Slate Cafe, Lititz, PA
Slate Cafe

Family Memories

We braved the cold 
(with warm Chais) and
came home with Christmas treasures
to start this festive season !
Making warm cozy memories...


  1. I did my part to support small business Saturday...I tried really hard :) Love the pics...your cute kiddos are troopers! I have visited Lititz and it is a lovely place.

  2. I work in a small books store on a Main st. We appreciate the small business shoppers. spiced chai is my favorite

  3. I've always shopped small specialty stores.
    Those Chai lattes sound wonderful.

  4. I guess I haven't tried Chai Teas...sounds like I'm missing out on a lot!
    Oh Lititz, one of my favorite little towns and lots of wonderful shops.
    I too shopped local small business Saturday.

  5. Your children are good looking. Must get it from their mom. I neglected to shop small business this year, but last month shopped most of our local stores and spent lots of money. Janice

  6. My husband is the chai drinker in our household. I've tried a dirty chai (it has a shot of espresso), which I could drink if I had to. I prefer good, strong, black coffee or a vanilla latte. Those shops look great, and the two of you look like you had fun! Our little town has an annual event called Winter Walk, usually in the first week of December. The main street is blocked off, all the stores stay open late, there's caroling and warm drinks (plenty of chai). It's a fun event.

  7. How nice to have such wonderful shoppers with you. I am sure it was such a fun day. It must be really cold there. Its not that cold here but anytime shopping is a good time for stopping by and getting warm drinks. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Mmmmm....Chai, coffee, hot chocolate... just a few of my favorite things! :-) There really is so much local talent just waiting to be discovered! I enjoy the innovative thinking of small business owners....so many unique pieces for us to discover! I'll be out shopping local this weekend (it's a bit less crowded now than last weekend)

  9. I'm not a tea or coffee drinker. Maybe I should try a hot tea on a cold winter day?
    I, too, prefer to shop small. I love giving unique gifts not found in a big box stores.

  10. Well now I want a nice hot cuppa chai!!! And I am with you on the "shop small local business" idea. You just never know what you are gonna find. Looks like you are off to a good start! May your holiday season be MERRY AND BRIGHT and full of great Love and Peace and Joy! FA LA LA!

  11. LOVE everything about this post (and the honey butter below!). What a gorgeous blog and beautiful work you do!


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