Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Eat Chocolates...Make 'Wooly Good' Valentine's Hearts...

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Valentine's Chocolates from a 
stitching retreat...
(Thanks Kathy Z.)

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Eating chocolate...
lots and lots of chocolates.
Why ??
For the boxes !!
(FYI - I am not a chocolate snob,
while I have my 'favorite' chocolates...
I have no trouble at all devouring
every bite of chocolate from most brands,
in order to have the boxes to work with !)

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Using the lids to trace onto paper...

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Cutting out wool fabric hearts...
I cut two - one for the lid and
one for the bottom of the box.

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Don't forget to cut a third heart, 
just a little 'smaller',
to fit in the inside of box.
(I saved the plastic candy liner,
just in case I want to use it.)

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Gathering beautiful variegated 
Valdani Perle Cotton thread,
for the stitching on these hearts...

TIP:  Store your Valdani Perle Cotton balls
in egg cartons and organize them by color.

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

You can add embroidery of your choice...

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

I did a Cast On Rose with a single leaf.
The Fly stitch was used for leaf.
Colonial Knots surround the small pink heart...

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Place a small amount of 'Fabri-Tac' adhesive
around the edges of heart and a dab in the center.
Position the wool heart onto the lid 
and press into place.  Allow to dry.

This box has red foil sides, which I love,
so I decided not to cover them with wool.

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

For the back of the box, 
I cut a tiny 'wonky' heart and placed initials in it.
I attached the wool heart to the bottom of the box,
in the same way as I did the top.

'Wooly Good' Valentine's Boxes by Rose Clay at

Loving these sweet 'wooly good' heart boxes !
Several more to go... 
I'm thinking, in different colors and stitches.

So very cold here in Pennsylvania...
We might have a storm brewing for the weekend.

Dinner to chase away the cold...
I have a kettle of Chicken and Dumplings 
on the stove.  Fresh salad with fixings.
Homemade Lemon Custard Cake
for dessert.

Time to stitch !


  1. What sweet & yummy idea !!!!

  2. Very sweet. Several years I forced myself (didn't take much force) to eat chocolate so I could have the heart boxes. Now where are they?
    You are always so inspiring :)

  3. Ohh I love that now I have to eat chocolate to get a box oh the hardships we endure to continue our art he he he

  4. What an awesome idea! I love chocolate so this will be easy to gobble them up for the boxes. Janice

  5. Lovely idea thank you for sharing!

  6. I love this idea! So creative and resourceful!

  7. I love your boxes. I think I have those boxes as I save them from year to year. I love that rose in the middle.
    Your dinner sounds so good.

  8. And you get to eat the chocolate yummy.
    Nice idea, thank-you for the post.
    I have used other box's but never a heart shape, I need to try this.
    Do you do the fluffy dumplings or the hard dumplings, I like the hard ones.


  9. Mmmmm....chocolate! :-) Love these little hearts.....simply sweet! Of course, your dinner (and dessert) sound fabulous! Getting ready for the weekend snow here too...time to button up and get stitching! :-)


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