Monday, January 7, 2019

Snowflakes And New Employees...

Homemade wooden snowflakes

Snow is in the forcast for tonight...
but, we are getting a jump on it
and creating our own 
snowflakes here...

Homemade wooden snowflakes

Serious creative work going on !

Homemade wooden snowflakes

And, we surely know how to
(The more glitter, the better)

Homemade wooden snowflakes

Our fully stocked work station...
glue, poms and glitter...
glitter, glitter and more glitter !

Homemade wooden snowflakes

We started with
clothes pins from the dollar store...

Homemade wooden snowflakes

removed all the springs...
(I'm still thinking about what 
I can do with these !)

Homemade wooden snowflakes

positioned the clothes pins 'just so'
and secured them with a glue gun.
(I did this before the Grands arrived.)

Homemade wooden snowflakes

We like to hang these snowflakes
 from windows and cabinet knobs.

Helping hands at Three Sheep Studio

My two newest workers
at Three Sheep Studio...
always willing to take packages
to the post office, with Grammy.

Good hard workers, as long 
as you 'pay them' their weight in snacks !

~ Grands are THE BEST ! ~

Enjoying a typical Monday,
before the snow arrives...


  1. The snowflakes are sweet but even better is making memories with the grands!
    No snow in the forecast here and no complaints from me 😊

  2. lucky you grands are the very best! Love those snowflakes lots of glitter!
    we are under the snow cloud to.

  3. Grands are the best. I dont get to see mine as often as I would like to. Awesome snowflakes. They did a great job! Janice

  4. hoping for a few flakes here in VA ~ but your grands made the prettiest flakes I've seen !!

  5. I agree. Grandkids are the very best! ...jan

  6. Aw, those are super cute! No grandkids here yet, but I've heard they are the best! ;)


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