Saturday, July 6, 2019

Cherry Hill Farm Punch Needle...

Dark Sweet Cherries

A very hot 90 degrees
here in Pennsylvania !
I'm taking cover in the 
cool air conditioning...
working on new projects.

Valdani variegated Perle cotton Threads

Valdani threads from a recent 
cherry themed design...

'Cherry Hill Farm' punch needle design by Rose Clay at in the 'Studio'

Cherries and cherry blossoms...

'Cherry Hill Farm' punch needle design by Rose Clay at in the 'Studio'

A blue quilt hangs from 
a limb of the Cherry Tree.

'Cherry Hill Farm' punch needle design by Rose Clay at in the 'Studio'

'Cherry Hill Farm' is a recent 
new release.

~ A cherry tree rises above an old farmhouse 
that sits on a hill.
From the limb hangs 
a weathered blue patchwork quilt. ~

This punch needle design is finished
with a wired pom pom for hanging.
Design is backed in wool fabric.

For pattern and to learn more...
~  ~  ~  ~  ~

July 4th has passed,
time to move on to stitching the
colors of Autumn...

For more stitching, punching,
wool applique and fiber goodness -
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  1. Oh my gosh! That is so beautiful! I truly want to do needle punch, but haven't given it a go just yet. This project makes me want to do one immediately!

  2. All so pretty. I love the little blue quilt hanging from the cherry tree.

  3. I love that design. I love that cherry tree with all of those yummy cherries. I have been stitching just a little. I even finished a rug.
    Summer is such a sweet time of year. I love seeing your designs.

  4. What a fun design Rose. I need to learn how to do needle punch. Janice


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